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FAQ About Community Care Inspections

The facility inspection reports web site is designed to provide information to the public concerning the results of inspections of “licensed” child day care and residential care facilities.

A community care facility inspection report is provided to the facility after each inspection is completed. The inspection report provides the licensee with information regarding regulatory requirements that are not met, and for these state which regulatory requirement is contravened. This information will be listed under the routine inspection information.

If a regulatory requirement is not met, a follow up inspection will be done, and will appear on the web page.

The date(s) for which corrective action should be taken is based on discussion between the Licensing Officer and the facility representative.

The results of routine inspections are posted online to convey similar information to what is available through a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Visitors to this web site are cautioned against interpreting the status of a particular facility based solely on the inspection. Visitors are encouraged to browse the history of the facilities and do other research such as contacting the facility before arriving at any conclusions.

Keep in mind that ensuring safe and appropriate care is a shared responsibility between facility operators, family of persons in care, funding/placement agencies, and our Community Care Facilities Licensing Program.

What is a licensed child care facility?

A “licensed” child care facility is a facility that provides care and services for three or more children.

What are Residential Care Services?

In Fraser Health, Residential Care Services are those services which provide a protective supervised environment and assistance with the activities of daily living for clients who can no longer reside at home due to their need for 24 hour surveillance, professional care and supervision, assisted meal service and medication supervision.

Some Residential Care Services are “licensed” by the Community Care Facilities Licensing Program in Fraser Health if the facility meets the definition of a “community care facility” as defined by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. (see “what is a licensed residential care facility?”)

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What is a licensed residential care facility?

A “licensed” residential care facility is a facility that provides care and services for three or more vulnerable adults who are dependent on caregivers for continuing assistance or direction in the form of three or more prescribed services. Licensed residential facilities have 24 hour staff and may have onsite nursing care.

Some “licensed” residential care facilities receive funding from Fraser Health and some facilities do not. Some “licensed” facilities may offer a combination of “funded beds” and “private pay beds”.

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What is the role of the Licensee?

The Licensee is responsible for ensuring that the facility complies with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, and either the Child Care Licensing Regulation or Residential Care Regulation. They may delegate this responsibility to the Manager of the facility who would be responsible for the day to day operation of the facility.

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What is the role of the health authority Licensing Program?

The Licensing Program is responsible for monitoring compliance of licensed facilities to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, and regulations. Licensing staff monitor facilities through an inspection process. Licensing staff also perform other duties outlined in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act including investigating complaints, reviewing new applications, and considering exemption requests.

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Why is the BC government doing web-based public reporting on licensed adult residential care facilities?

The BC government made a commitment to “build the best system of support in Canada for persons with disabilities, those with special needs, children at risk, and seniors.”

Public reporting is an important because it will strengthen public accountability and transparency.

Other jurisdictions already have public reporting; for example, Ontario, several US and Australian states and the UK post reports on the web in some format.

The goal is to provide everyone with accessible information about community care facilities. This website contains information collected on child day care and residential care facilities under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, and its regulations. If you do not find a facility you are looking for it may be because the facility may not require a community care facility licence because care is provided to only two children or it is governed by another Act, such as the Hospital Act.

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Can I choose and apply for a home for my loved one or for myself from the website?

No. Information on this website is intended only as an early step to help the public gather information about community care facilities and to monitor them if they have a loved one in care.

For seniors, the department of Home & Community Care within Fraser Health conducts assessments to determine eligibility and care needs. When eligible, an available and appropriate residential care facility will be offered. Contact information for Home and Community Care may be found on the Fraser Health website at FraserHealth.ca.

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What will the inspection reports tell me?

The website is a searchable data base of child care and adult residential care facilities licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. You can find facilities within a desired area and see information on a facility, like the facility’s address, capacity, contact information, routine inspection findings and follow-up to routine inspection findings.

The information provided on the website is NOT enough to determine if a facility is the best one for you or your loved one. You are encouraged to visit each facility that you are considering before making a final decision.

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What are the next steps in selecting a facility for seniors?

You should contact your local health authority’s Home and Community Care office for more information about eligibility for admission. Priority is given to those with the highest need and who are at the greatest risk. Fraser Health tries to ensure that a facility vacancy is found in the client’s home community.

A resource that you may find helpful is a booklet called “Residential Care in Fraser Health”. This resource can be found under the “public information” section on this web site under “Choosing a “licensed” community care facility”.

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What will the website reports NOT tell me?

Posted inspection reports will NOT:

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Can I register a concern or complaint through this website?

No. If you have a concern about a “licensed” community care facility, try to resolve your concerns with the facility’s manager or administrator. If your concerns cannot be resolved, contact the local licensing program (see office contact information on this website) and check whether the nature of your concern is within the legal mandate of the Licensing Officer to investigate.

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Are the facilities’ ranked or rated on this website?

No. The health authorities are providing the public with access to routine inspection information about the performance of each facility operator in meeting legislation and regulations for a specified period of time.

Facilities are inspected to ensure they meet the minimum requirements laid out in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, and the Child Care Licensing Regulation or Residential Care Regulation.

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How often are facilities inspected?

Licensing staff prioritize work according to risk – investigations, inspections, applications, exemptions, etc. Facilities with a history of non-compliance receive more frequent routine inspections. This website only reflects routine inspections and follow-up inspections related to routine inspections.

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How do I access information on complaints/investigations?

Contact the local Licensing Program office that covers the area where the facility is located.

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Where does the information on the website come from?

Information comes from the Community Care Facilities licensing program information system that is maintained in each health authority.

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Is the information on the website current?

Once data entry of facility and inspection information has been completed in our offices, the information on this website is updated within one day.

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Who issues Inspection Findings?

Licensing Officers employed by the health authorities issue inspection findings during visits to “licensed” community care facilities. An inspection report will identify if a licensee is not compliant with the minimum requirements of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, or its regulations.

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My child or relative is at a facility that is not listed on this website, why can’t I find it?

If a child day care provider cares for only two children that are not related to the care provider, they are not required to hold a community care facility licence.

Some care facilities that provide complex care to seniors are regulated under the Hospital Act. Only adult residential care facilities regulated under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act will have inspection information on this site.

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Updated March 7, 2011