This facility was given moderate hazard rating. More info
Inspection Information
Facility Type15-300 (DWC)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateFebruary 18, 2020
Follow-up RequiredYes
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description / Observation / Corrective Action
312  Critical Inadequate Treatment
Observation: No Chlorine residual detected at the time of inspection
Corrective Action: Increase chlorine residual throughout the drinking water system. Complete and provide a contact time calculation to ensure a 4 log reduction in viruses. Review construction permit waiver items #11 and #12. Any questions regarding contact time, please contact this office to discuss.
323   Other (Specify)
Observation: (1) An onsite free available chlorine residual test kit is required. Free available chlorine to be monitored and logged. (2) A maintenance plan is required for the new equipment, develop a plan and log when maintenance is conducted. (3) Update emergency response plan to include procedures for new equipment (4) Operator training is required. Watersafe or equivalent will be the minimal level of training required. (5) Provide laminated Boil Water Notice signage in both bathrooms, as the water provided to the bathrooms is not treated. Signage must communicate that the bathroom taps are not treated.
Corrective Action:
Boil Water Notice to remain in place until confirmation that a 4 log reduction of viruses is in place, and 2 bacteriological sample sets, 24 hours apart are submitted and come back <1/<1 Inspection conducted to review equipment installed, construction permit waiver issued January 29, 2020. Review all construction permit waiver comments and conditions, provide confirmation of items completed.