SPRINGWATER LODGE - Inspection Report
This facility was given high hazard rating. More info
Inspection Information
Facility Type1 (DWQ)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateMay 01, 2019
Follow-up RequiredYes
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description / Observation / Corrective Action
316   Source unprotected and subject to contamination
Corrective Action: Reseal and remove the ponding water along the well head.
322   Emergency Response Plan
Corrective Action: P)lease update your Emergency Response Plan and submit a copy to our office.
Routine inspection conducted today of a water system serving a restaurant and four cottages. Water system is currently on a boil water advisory. A new she d has been installed around the reservoir and pump. 2018 Annual Report has been received by our office. Residual free chlorine was measured to be 0.9 ppm. Operator is to conducted a chlorine residual test daily, please provide an appropriate test kit and log all results. Sampling frequency for bacteriological analysis is to be conducted twice a month.