SURF WATER SYSTEM - Inspection Report
This facility was given moderate hazard rating. More info
Inspection Information
Facility Type2-14 (DWS)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateJanuary 31, 2019
Follow-up RequiredNo
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description / Observation / Corrective Action
317   Inadequate or improper construction of water works
Observation: - Install locks on reservoir lids. - Install float on 250 gallon raw water reservoir so that water is not wasted - currently water may overflow from small reservoir.
318   Inadequate Microbiological Analysis data
Observation: - Ensure required bacteriological sampling frequency, so that Operating Permit conditions are met. Bacteriological water quality must also meet Schedule A in the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation.
319   Inadequate Chemical Analysis Data
Observation: - Complete disinfection by product of finished water in the distribution system as per letter you dated February 17, 2017 (See attached brochure on haloacetic acid and trihalomethane testing).
323   Other (Specify)
Observation: - Complete 2018 Annual Report by April 30, 2019 (2017 report was not recieved in our office). This Annual report is to be made available to users with copy provided to our office by April 30th each year. - Ensure daily log book is kept noting free chlorine residual, maintenance, complaints, etc. - Label pipes, flow of water in pipes and control valves in new pumphouse. Consult with equipment installer or other individual/company to ensure correct information/labels.
1. Bacteriological sample results and sampling frequency in 2018 did not meet Operating Permit Conditions or BC Drinking Water Regulations. 2. Water system owner has installed disinfection and equipment as per 2018 Construction Permit Waiver Application. Pump house and steel reservoir by Well #1 are NO longer in use and have been decommissioned. Well #1 and #3 now feed to newly built pump house by Well #3. Well #3 has new well cap installed along with a pitless adapter. 3. Free residual chlorine measured at 2.2 ppm free chlorine in the distribution system. 4. Operator states 250 Gallon raw water overflows at times. 5. Currently operator uses 12% liquid chlorine in 35 gallon hypochlorine tank (no dilution with water) as disinfectant for water system. 6. Orp/pH Flow cell indicated Orp reading of 849 mV in recirculated/disinfected water with a pH of 6.66