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Inspection Information
Facility Type2-14 (DWS)
Inspection typeRoutine
Inspection dateJuly 20, 2017
Follow-up RequiredNo
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code Description / Observation / Corrective Action
314   Improper maintenance of distribution system
Corrective Action: Well cap not secure. Ensure that well cap is secure and pest-proof to prevent potential contamination.
323   Other (Specify)
Corrective Action: Complete an Annual Water System Report for 2016 and post a copy in the restaurant; provide a copy to our office for our records each year. Keep a maintenance log onsite noting all work done on water system.
Current treatment set-up in pumphouse involves source well water flowing through cartridge filer-Trojan UV-Reservoir-Media Filter-Sterilight UV S12Q. Existing non-certified UV units are utilized to disinfect water - When UV unit needs replacing, replace with an NSF Standard 55 Class A unit. ** Before changing/replacing any component of the water system, submit a construction permit waiver application( consult with EHO for more info.) Medial filter installed in 2016; operator indicates it is a carbon filter- please send EHO the filter specifications. Cartridge filters change~every 2 months; Sterilight UV bulb changed last year- UV bulb should be changed and quartz sleeve cleaned annually. Emergency Response Plan up to date. Recent history of satisfactory water and bacteriological results. Water samples submitted monthly ( missed 2 samples- Dec. 2016 & Mar. 2017). Chemical and physical water quality analysis conducted in 2014-continue to inform customers that sodium levels are higher than GCDWQ recommends for those with physician prescribed sodium restricted diets.