Facility Location
Baronet Passage
RDMW Electoral Area A
, West Cracroft Island
RDMW Electoral Area A
Facility Information
Facility Type1 (DWQ)
Current Hazard RatingLow
This facility is currently under a Boil Water Notice.
  • Underlying Problems: No disinfection
  • Underlying Problems: or inadequate disinfection or disinfection residuals
  • Underlying Problems: No
  • Steps Taken to Remedy: Small water system surface water treatment objectives (SWTO) implementation initiated January 10, 2018 and introductory meeting took place on June 29, 2018 during initial inspection. Introductory meeting letter to be sent which will outline timeline for compliance with key steps in the SWTO process.
  • Corrective Actions Remaining: .
  • Facility History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details.
    Document Type Dates Details
    Routine Inspection17-Jul-2019Low