Facility Location
8724 North Shore Road
Lake Cowichan
Facility Information
Facility Type1 (DWQ)
Current Hazard RatingUnknown
Boil Water Notice
  • Underlying Problems: Unapproved water supply or construction works
  • Steps Taken to Remedy: Other-Actions have been taken to prevent or discontinue drinking water hazard(s) (provide description below) Corrective Actions Remaining: - provide guests direction on how to use water safely during a BWN - submit all required application documents (which have been requested in several emails) to this office toward the permitting of the water supply system - commence routine microbiological sampling in accordance with a program acceptable to the DWO
  • Corrective Actions Remaining: To be determined
  • Facility History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details.
    Document Type Dates Details
    - Sample Range Report1-Jan-2020 to 31-Dec-2020
    - Sample Range Report1-Jan-2019 to 31-Dec-2019